Linda James

Out Of the Chaos 11

COCA Christchurch April 3-20th 2002.


"A lot of images I have drawn on in the paintings are Reuters
photographs. Reuters is an international news gathering agency founded in 1858 in London. It was the first news service to provide political and general news to European newspapers, largely to and from colonial countries. News had become a commodity which could be brought and sold. Now photojournalists as salaried employees of Reuters capture images which are sent around the world instantly by satellite, email and cable. Newspaper and TV companies have yearly contractual agreements with suppliers like Reuters to take their online feeds."

Boy Throwing Stones Hebron (Reuters)
Oil on canvas 755 x 1620

Song III Battle Hymn (Reuters) Oil on canvas 990 x 585 

Discord Diptych (Reuters) Oil
on canvas 585 x 900

Discord Diptych (part 2)
Michelangelo tomb of Lorenzo de Medici 1460 x 1370

Fayum Portraits

The portraits in the exhibition have also drawn on intentions of the Fayum portraits. In the first three centuries A.D in a fertile district of Roman Egypt called the Fayum, a diverse cosmopolitan community of Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Syrians, Libyans, Nubians and Jews flourished. These people and many of their contemporaries throughout the Nile valley embalmed the bodies of the dead, and then placed over the faces portraits painted on wooden panels or linen. These paintings today known as Fayum were created to preserve the memory of each individual. The naturalism was inherited from the fourth century B.C Greek painter Apelles and his contemporaries. His devotion to accurate representation greatly influenced the future of Greek art and underlies the whole history of western art down to our own day.

Fayum Portrait Oil on canvas
350 x 470 each

'Vox Pops' and newspaper photographs of individuals and babies from local newspapers are my source for the contemporary 'Fayum' paintings which form part of the exhibition.

Existing Paintings

The paintings in the exhibition also draw on characters from historical works of art. I am interested in the way that individuals exist as painted images. The process of moving them out of their original context, allows them to be seen from a slightly different angle, while at the same time honouring the original context in which they were created.

The juxtaposition of the different paintings in the exhibition explore notions of individuality, innocence, conflict, binary positionalities, cliché, and the 'frames' through which understandings are created.

As a painter I am interested in incorporating ideas of harmony, chaos and language. Notions of the global, colonial and historical and the way in which these constructs move through time and space are explored in this exhibition.
The process of shifting images around and juxtaposing them within the craft of paintings creates a venue within which I can realise my intentions as an artist.

Baby (Oceania) Vox Pop
Gouache on paper 250 x250
(click to view enlarged)

Massacre of the Inncocents (Giotto)
Oil on canvas 1315 x 1235)

Painting Titles

Soldier II (El Empecinado Goya 1815) Oil on canvas 755 x 1820
Soldier I (Enthroned Madonna Giorgione )Oil on canvas 755 x 1820
Boy Throwing Stones Hebron (Reuters) Oil on canvas755 x 1620
Song III Battle Hymn (Reuters) Oil on canvas 990 x 585
Song IV Princess (Reuters) Oil on canvas 990 x 585
Song V (Good Government Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1337- 39) Oil on canvas 990 x 585
Discord Diptych (Reuters) Oil on canvas 585 x 900
Baby (Oceania) Vox Pop Gouache on paper 450x 320
Child (Reuters) Coloured pencil on paper 260 x 250
Discord Sleep Diptych Night and Day Part II (Michaelangelo Tomb of Lorenzo de Medici)
Oil on canvas 1460 x 1370
Massacre of the Inncocents (Giotto) Oil on canvas 1315 x 1235 (Oceania) Vox Pop Gouache on paper 250 x250
Fayum Drawing graphite, water coulour and pastel on paper 210 x 320