Linda James

running man

Man Running

The Human Figure in Motion

ArtBox Art Gallery, Christchurch 8th October- 2nd November 2014

Artist's Statement

These paintings of men running pivot around one of Eadweard Muybridge's running men in his Human Figure in Motion series. The English photographer Muybridge pioneered work in photographic studies of motion, and early work in motion picture production in America in the 1880's. He captured images of motion using trip wires and multiple cameras.

I have connected this to images of running men taken from newspapers collected over the last ten years. I use Muybridge's photograph as my fulcrum - a point of balance to present these works as an installation of paintings based on photographs (the captured image).

I connect Muybridge's photographic images, Reuter satellite images travelling around the world, and the slow labour of the painting process. The installation explores the circular nature of time and space, and the connections between the past, the present, and the future.

Man Running 1: The Human Figure in Motion, Muybridge 1880's.
Oil on canvas 1100x 1640. $2,500

Man Running 2: Under Attack, Man Running From a Bomb, Bagdad,
March 2006. Oil on canvas 1100x 1640. $2,500

Man Running 3: Winner, World Championships Daegu, South Korea.
Oil on canvas 1100x 1640. $2,500

Man Running 4: Broadway New York, 9/11.
Oil on canvas 1100x 1640. $2,500

Man Running 5: Israeli Soldier Chasing a Palestinian Boy, Qalqiliya, West Bank, February 2004 .
Oil on canvas 1100x 1640. $2,500